Driven by Success

ICU Solarcam is much more than a security camera powered by a solar panel. Our innovative solutions combined with 24/7 monitoring means that you can remotely view your property from your devices. In addition to this, authorities are promptly notified upon detecting any intruders or unknown vehicles on your premises.

We have successfully provided our services to government organisations, councils, schools and commercial properties across several locations.

Actionable Alarms

Our sophisticated three-point verification methodology deals with false alarms resulting in better actionable alarms and results.

Self Heal & Alert

Our systems monitor the communications performance of our cameras and we have integrated software and controls to ensure reliability and consistency of the network connections.

Intelligent Operation

We can track your power and battery level remotely, giving us the ability to ensure that your cameras remain online and monitoring your property.


Our advanced, full duplex communication means there is clear communication when it comes to monitoring staff and your site.

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Our integrated end-to-end systems work to automate and manage many of the control administration and operational tasks. By doing this, we can guarantee your cameras are online and monitoring your property.

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Camview allows users to be able to view all live streams and imagery, ensuring you are across all camera activity.

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    Back to Base Monitoring

Our 24/7 Back to Base Monitoring facility respond to alarms, analyse video footage and images ensuring reliable, prompt and actionable responses to potential breaches.

ICU Solarcam Solution

How ICU Solarcam Works

This Video Shows how ICU Solarcam works, it defines the platform components, Solar Powered Camera with Backup Battery, connected to a GSM Gateway and an Edge Computer to manage all the Artificial Intelligence and video analytics features that runs on different levels. All this intelligent hardware is connected to a cloud based system called OneTouch that orchestrates all activities, from monitoring to operation, maintenance and self healing activities.

ICU Solarcam Footage


ICU Solarcam has the ability to service a variety of property types, including government bodies and schools. View live Solarcam footage to see how our innovative technology has stopped potential theft and vandalism.